What would it mean to you if I spoke all about the lesser ones
And what would you say if I told you that they were lesser
I’m afraid of many things but no other’s as frightening as you
You’re a loose set of strings; you’re a packet of cigarettes
I’m wrung tight like a string on a kite flying higher than drag

Let’s get higher
Let’s let desire
Come close, come closer
Come close, come closer

I know what I know now what more’s there to know don’t you know
Cause I don’t know
Where I put my knowledge of people like you, of the people
Who steal second chances like money is just paper
Paper rips easily I rip so easily we slip so easily
We make up easily, let’s get high easily, let’s desire easily
But I’m not so easily able to let go
To let go
Of my cigarette pack as the drag holds me back I can’t come closer

One thing’s certain curtains don’t hide what’s on the other side
So can’t I see you like I think I do cause I want to

Let’s see where the smoke blows